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Spark your Business Success 18.-19.6.2019 Helsinki

Spark your Business Success 18.-19.6.2019 Helsinki


The Art of Awakening Excellence, Living Your Dreamsand Making a Better World


18th and 19th of June 2019 in Helsinki

With Colette Normandeau



This 2-day intensive program will reveal the critical Success factors of Next Generation Entrepreneurs which will enable you to BE the success you want, live your dreams and at the same time contribute to making a better world through your business venture.


The SFMTM program is based on Robert Dilts’s latest research and work, modelling inspiring and successful entrepreneurs of the 21st century.


Training goals

  • Acquire the key competences to launch, develop or optimize your business
  • Create richness and fulfilment in your personal life
  • Become a more confident, innovative, proactive and generative entrepreneur


Who can attend?

This program is open to anyone who desires to achieve or build a successful business. Whether you are an entrepreneur or considering starting your own business, leader from a small to a large company, consultant or coach supporting business development.


Content includes:

  • Optimal Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Connecting to Your Passion and expressing it as a Vision
  • The SFM Circle of SuccessTM
  • “Imagineering” a Successful Future
  • Anchoring winning beliefs

Our 2-day intensive mixes theory, practice …and fun! The activities focus on learning more about who you are and identifying an entrepreneurial project that is an expression of your deepest passion connected to your vision for a better world.



Colette NormandeauColette Normandeau is a Success Factor Modeling™ facilitator and member of the DILTS STRATEGY GROUP Leadership Team. She is an international NLP Master Trainer and Certified Executive and Life Coach. She has accompanied many thousands of entrepreneurs, CEO’s, leaders and individuals in generating success for themselves, their teams and their ventures.


680€ + alv 24%
Early Bird 420€ + alv 24%, for registrations before 20.5.2019


18th and 19th of June
Happiness sali
Malminkaari 5, 4 krs., Helsinki
Time 10 - 17


"Koulutus oli oikein hyvä, muutoksia työpaikalla tapahtui heti koulutuksen ensimmäisen osan loputtua."
"Ajatuksia herättävää. Positiivisuutta nostattavaa. Mielenkiintoista. Toivottavasti parantunut ilmapiiri pysyy!"
"Hyvä positiivinen ote. Asiat tuli käytyä läpi hellästi, mutta kuitenkin hyvin tehokkaasti. Uskon että työpaikan ilmapiiri paranee huomattavasti! Kiitos!"
"Koulutus ollut ihanaa ja rentouttavaa. Usein koulutuksissa väsyttää, melkein nukahtaa, nyt ei. Hyvin mielenkiintoista hyvän ohjaajan vetämänä."